Your Marketing Capacity

Unleash Your Marketing Capacity by Designing a GREAT Marketing Program!

Isn’t it time to smarten your marketing approach, embrace new strategies and find ways to increase your impact while reducing costs?
• Spend Smart for Your Best Return on Investment
• Make Your Brand Stand Out in Low-Cost Ways

In Marilyn’s 5-Step Marketing Workshop or Keynote Address, You Will Learn How To:

72• Develop a Focused Marketing Plan to create measurable results to increase your bottom line

• Identify, Reach, and Influence your target customers using research, planning and budgeting.

• Translate Your Message and brand efficiently to attract and retain customers.

• Refine Your Marketing Strategies to gain impact while utilizing advertising opportunities that are right for your business.

• Create a Report Card to measure your marketing efforts and obtain steady growth, desired results and increased revenue.

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