Media Training Workshop

Facilitated by Marilyn Ball and Melissa Stanz

mediaEffective communication with the media always comes down to preparation.

That’s why it’s important to invest time and effort to understand the media and develop spokesperson skills. You must have confidence to be effective in interviews with reporters on TV, radio or newspapers, magazines or online media. Ask yourself: How will I respond to tough or hostile questions? Do I have an honest and appropriate answer to the most negative query I can imagine?  Do I have a clear, concise key message when asked about my organization or business?

The goal of media training is to ensure that your spokesperson and staff feel comfortable and in control with the news media.

We provide media training that includes these critical elements:

  • Understanding the media: staff are taught to think like reporters so they understand reporters’ roles, needs and tactics. This includes work on messaging to make them clear, substantive and media-friendly.
  • Real world practice exercises: interviewees practice on-camera interviews with a trainer playing the role of a reporter. The questions asked are realistic and focused on the industry-specific issues you are most likely to face.
  • Expert evaluation: the greatest value for spokespeople comes from seeing themselves on screen and being evaluated on their verbal responses, message control, body language and overall presentation.

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