Marilyn BallMarilyn Ball, founder of 12Twelve Marketing in Asheville, NC, is a leading expert in developing solutions for business growth. Whether helping businesses improve their marketing success or supporting local organizations in building a collaborative culture based on openness, transparency and trust, she is the go-to person for generating better outcomes by working together with a team approach. With 20+ years of marketing and communication experience in the tourism, economic development and hospitality industries, Marilyn helped formulate collaborative initiatives that stimulated economic development and created a sense of community throughout Western North Carolina. By fostering a spirit of mutual cooperation and purpose, she has helped diverse groups establish more effective and focused strategies to achieve their individual and collective goals.

12Twelve Marketing will help you and your organization:
• Create a conceptual framework for marketing on behalf of all segments of your organization
• Establish an organizational attitude of collaboration and cooperation
• Develop a clear vision and strategy for moving forward
• Adopt an organizational structure for marketing accountability and measurement
• Continue building skills and resources for growth
• Create a strategy and plan based on clear objectives and goals
• Produce revenue sources to create sustainability and growth for future generations


Marilyn Ball • • Asheville, NC • 828.777.4129